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Western Sky Wolfdogs

Western Sky is committed to placing the right animals in the right homes.  Wolf dog ownership is not for everyone, and takes a special kind of person to have and raise them.


Spring Puppies

Our puppies colors are standard gray, black phase, blue fawn, solid blue and sables.

Puppies are all hand raised and hand fed until they are ready to go to their new forever homes.
Puppies are taken to my vet for shots, deworming and full physicals before you take ownership of them.


Wolf dog ownership

First and most important, you must live in a legal area/county.  You must have a fenced yard with containment for this type of animal. 

Wolf Dogs in some areas may be considered tame not domesticated. Of course the laws and labeling of the wolf dogs are constantly changing, so it's best to keep up with your county laws and rules on them.  They require containment or an enclosure with proper lean in's and dig guards or cemented fencing to keep them in and safe when you are away from them.

These are not apartment or condo animals. 

Wolf dogs are a mixed breed

Embark DNA Testing

Our WD's are a mix breed of gray wolf, German Shepard and Malamute.

All of the parents used in our breeding program have been Embark health and DNA tested so you will know what percentage of wolf and dog your puppy will be. 

All of our breeding animals have been cleared of all 160+ genetic tests for "at risk" genetic issues via Embark. 

Previous owners


Our puppies are hand raised by our family and the puppies parents.  The WD parents teach the puppies behaviors and skills humans cannot teach them.

We are introducing Puppy Culture for our 2020 litter to help ease the transition from the parents to their new forever human home.

Many of our valued clients have bought their first wolf dog from Western Sky.  

Clients appreciate that they can call or email with questions, "no question is a stupid one".  I will make sure questions are answered to the best of my knowledge and experience.  

We love and cherish every puppy we bring into this world and only want the best for each of them.

Previous pups

About Western Sky


Founded in 2009

My passion for wolf dogs started in 1989 when a good friend got one as I helped raise her soon I found myself living with several wolf dogs. 

In 2008 I purchased a small piece of property in CA and began building enclosures.  I had already purchased a beautiful pair and had our first litter in 2010. 

We hand feed our wolf dogs inside the enclosures to give them daily human/food contact, I always hand raise all my animals, early hands on is extremely important for wolf dogs to trust and bond with their human.

Training for Wolf dogs?


Socialization and Traning

Can you train your puppy? Sure you can, they are extremely smart and can read your every thought and move before you even make it. Never strike, kick or bite your animal as a way of reprimanding or training them.   

Off leash areas are not recommended, especially in public you should always have full physical control of them.

Socializing your puppy is very important from day one and will need to be constant if you intend to take them in public. 

As they mature you will see a change in their behavior in public, after all they are wolf dogs. 

Happy Family


Keeping you and your wolf dog happy

Wolf dogs need their own space just as humans do, they are pack animals and prefer to be with other wolf dogs or dog members of the family. 

The "old wives tale" about being alpha over your wolf dog is just that an old way of thinking.  They are part of the family and need to be able to trust and respect you, if you try to over power them or play alpha you will only scare your animals and lose their trust and respect. 

Email, call or text for upcoming litters

Northern California


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